One Platform to manage your entire admissions

Transform the way you Attract, Engage, and Enroll students with automated lead managememnt CRM Platform

Lead Management

No more data-silos. Auto-capture all your leads in a centralised platform

Lead Nurturing

Strategically nurture your leads until conversion. Don’t forget a lead, don’t miss an opportunity

Application Management

Digitise your entire application process seamlessly

Centralise and Manage your Admission Leads in style!

Capture your leads across sources, and make sure you nail every opportunity with AI-driven segmentation and advanced lead management for educational institutions.

Centralise your Data

A missed lead is a missed opportunity. Start with centralisation of your data and never miss another prospect. NoPaperForms’ Lead Capture Automation helps you auto capture all incoming leads across your digital campaigns be it on Google, Facebook, or third party lead generating portals, thus zero lead leakage.

The same prospect might come to your website from various sources as well. Track all such instances with multiple level source tracking and eliminate duplicity of leads. The data gets centralised in your admission lead manager.

optimize your bandwidth with Raw Data Module

Acquired a lot of offline leads and unsure if the prospects have a high intent or not? With NoPaperForms’ Raw Data Module gauge interests of a raw lead because not every lead may be a prospect.

Nurture using personalised communication thereby moving them to the Lead Pool on the basis of their interest. This enables your counseling team to focus their efforts on a healthy lead funnel while you tag and efficiently manage raw leads from different sources and track their movement to the lead pool in a single view

centralise your data Social, Telephony, and Publisher Connect Integrate your Google and Facebook Campaigns directly to the platform to centralise your incoming leads with advanced Facebook/Google Lead Ad capturing. Capture incoming calls with ease with pre-integrated Cloud Telephony Solutions.